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We are an Australian Company who hand make Wooden Trucks, Stables and Yards that are replica's of what we see in Australia. They are "Just like a real Aussie Farm".

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Free their imagination 

All toys are made of lead free paint and proven safe for children to play with. Country Toys Australia looks after the welfare of your children making sure they can play safely with these toys created and made especially for kids and the young at heart. Free your imagination because there’s nothing like playing games that once brought the gleeful smile to your face. Wooden toys allow children to use their creativity and boost visualisation by making some interesting objects out of the wooden toys or by simply playing with them. Pass it on to the next generation and let your own children or even grandchildren enjoy wooden toys as you would.

There’s nothing like the original toys for children and for years there’s been a debate whether wooden toys are better than plastic toys. It is a fact that 99% of the toys offered for children are made of plastic materials. If you can remember, there were several reports about plastic toys with lead content, and small parts that can cause babies or toddlers to choke. You know babies love to put everything inside their mouth and this is where Country Toys Australia comes in, to give your child healthy and safe toys to play with. Wooden toys are usually big and there’s a lesser chance for you to worry about kids swallowing small parts and the best thing about this is, there’s almost no need to paint wood because it looks good already.

Why choose wooden toys?

As parents, always choose to buy wooden toys for your kids. The materials used are better, it is clearly considerate to the environment, resilient and can last longer than plastic toys. Wood made from natural material and can be recycled; this means that wooden toys will not only entertain kids but you are also proactively preventing further harm to nature. Wooden toys are a good choice for kids to play with; they are durable and with proper care can even last throughout a child’s entire childhood. There’s no need to buy toys again and again, over the long term you save and keep the money for your child’s savings account instead.

Country Toys Australia have a wide range of wooden toys that are ready made and are waiting to be shipped fast to wherever you are in Australia. This includes a range of farm animals to compliment the original farmyard toys. Get the complete set today and watch your child learn where animals live and educate them on the Aussie way of farming.

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The history behind country toys

Barry Schefe, Creator of "Country Toys" is from Roma, Queensland. Four generations of his family lived in and around Roma, right in the heart of Aussie Grazing Country, since they settled there over 100 years ago.

Over 20 years ago, Barry's first son was born. The first of three big burly farm boys that weren't exactly gentle with anything. Especially their toys. Barry became increasingly fed up with spending good money on toys, only to have his boys break them. Barry was also frustrated that the only farm toys he could buy for his sons (who at that stage all wanted to be Graziers) were based on American or English Farms, not Australian Farms.

So, he decided to make his own. Barry began making wooden Cattle Yards, Stables and Road Trains for his boys, all based on real Aussie farm designs. His friends and family began putting orders in and soon the local saddlery began stocking his toys. “Country Toys” was born. The materials and construction of these toys have been 'tried and tested' by many kids over the years. Barry's eldest son Zaren, still has the same Cattle Yard that he played with in the middle of the kitchen when he was only a toddler. It’s still in one piece and only has a couple of “Love bumps” in the wood here and there after being passed onto his brothers. Barry and his family now reside on the Sunshine Coast where Barry runs several businesses, including Country Toys. As Country Toys has grown, he has enlisted help with the construction of the toys but still personally checks and finishes off every toy before it is posted out. Barry's Country Toys certainly make a great keepsake that your little ones can enjoy playing with now AND they will keep forever.

How lovely that these Country Toys will be passed on, through the generations in your family.

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