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Let your child’s imagination run and be at work while playing with wooden stable toys. It’s rare to find good, quality wooden toys nowadays but you can trust Country Toys to give you what you are looking for.

Toy stores are filled with plastic toys and only a few wooden ones are being sold. If your child is a horse lover, a wooden stable toy is the perfect toy for your kiddo. It makes a great portable toy, one they can carry with them anywhere they go.

If you’re a mum who wants to go out with your girlfriends, you can definitely bring along your kids with a wooden stable toy to keep them busy while you enjoy your time away. When your kids are engaged to a safe and secure toy-like wooden toys, you have peace of mind knowing there’s nothing to worry about. Country Toys makes the best wooden toys in the country and even the rest of the world.

Our wooden stables are fully assembled and ready to play with, as parents all you need to do is help them unbox the toy and they can play with it right away. Get ready to hear some cowboy sounds and prepare to transform your space to an arena or even a horse farm.

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  • Combo Deal - ST3 Stable Yard and FT1 Flat Back Truck - FREE SHIPPING
    Combo Deal - ST3 Stable Yard and FT1 Flat Back Truck - FREE SHIPPING
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