Wooden Trailers

These Handmade Wooden Trucks and Trailers are from Country Toys who are a small family business located in Queensland, Australia. The designs are based on real life Australian Trucks that cart cattle, sheep, horses and pigs and also haul logs and freight around Australia every day. The Handmade Wooden Trailers are made from renewable timber and they are sturdily built so they can last for generations. This range of Handmade Wooden Trucks and Trailers consists of the Cattle Truck and Trailer, Log Truck and Trailer and the Flat Back  Truck and Trailer. The Handmade Wooden Trailers are made so they are interchangeable with each other. A Cattle Truck can be made into a Road Train, just add another Cattle Trailer, a Log Trailer or a Flat Back Trailer or any combination of these. Make your own timber toy trucking company. These toy Trucks and Trailers are suitable for ages 3 years and over – even adults can have hours of fun playing with the kids. The Handmade Timber Trucks and Trailers can be used inside or outside and can even be hosed off to clean them. Australian Trucks and Trailers made for Australian Children.

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