The thing with wooden toys is that they last longer than you could ever imagine. Ever wonder how wooden toys started? Well it began long before plastics were made simply because wood is the only material available at that time and kids before play with just about anything using their imagination. It’s a great thing someone thought about carving woods and making toys for their children. Nowadays, it’s hard to find wooden toys in toy stores and when people do find wooden toys they complain at how costly it is and would rather settle for cheap plastic toys that easily break. The reason why wooden toys are expensive is due to the material used which is wood and of course the process it has to go through in creating toys. Ever watched movies like Babe, Gordy and Charlotte’s Web? These movies are adorable and it’s obvious that pigs dominate the big screen while kids dream of having their own pet pig at home. With that in mind, we have created wooden pig toys that are easy for kids to play with and fun to use at home. Kids will feel like they have their own pet pig, they can look after them using a farm yard and pretend to feed and bathe pigs. Country Toys offers a good selection of wooden toys found on their website.

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