Select toy figurines that are quality made only from Country Toys! Kids can play, use their imagination and be as creative as they can be. Childhood equates playing and through playing kids learns; toys are a tool where kids can learn and practice growing up. There are different kinds of toys where children skills are developed and enhanced. We have figurine toys available for kids of all ages that can help develop their physical and muscle development during play, there are also toys made to enhance creativity and intellectual development, toys for sensory development and so much more!
There’s a big difference when kids play with wooden made toys versus plastic toys. It is always a big question for parents whether they should choose wood over plastic but it’s not necessarily debatable since wooden toys are proven to be safe for kids to play because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals unlike plastic toys.
Wood is made of natural material and can be recycled which means that it can be used over and over again. It also prevents further degradation of the environment and nature benefits from it. It is important that we teach children to care for the environment and you can start by giving them informed choices such as choosing wood toys over plastic toys.
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